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Welcome to Thailand Translator

Thailand-translator is the only company that does not charge per character or letter. We give you unlimited freedom to express your love. You can send unlimited translated emails to one person for a fixed price. is also the only company that uses the translator processor from SMS Thailand. With over 10 000 email sent in one year SMS Thailand knows how to best translate your email automatic with a small human touch.

We can also provide on location translators for different kind of work. Our live person Thai translation service give people on-line a chance to get things done in Thailand from overseas.

If you looking for cheap Thai translation service we can help you with that as well, all out documents have legal stamps and we a verified translating company.

Your happiness is very important to us and if you find that our translation is not up to standard we will be happy to do it again until you are satisfied.

Your privacy is extremely important to us and none of our handpicked translators knows who will get the email and who is sending the email. We never save your email once it's translated it is deleted automatically from our system.

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