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Offer for Thai Visa Readers

A Special Thai English Translation offer for readers

We offer you to try our English Thai translating service for free ($1) for one month.

During that that month you can send unlimited emails to one girl (more if you sign up on more than one account). Your Thai girl or boy can send unlimited Thai English translated emails to you as well.

After 1 month trial you can just continue using our Thai email translating service as normal.

A Special Thai English Translation offer for first time customers!

Regular email translating service includes

• Unlimited Thai English or English Thai translated emails to one girl.
• Unlimited Thai English or English Thai translated SMS to anyone in Thailand (200 credits per month)
• Great Promotion from Thai shops and retailers all year around!
• 24/7 English and Thai support!

Due to staff capacity and to maintain a quality of service we will only offer this special holiday offer to 20 new customers!

Save MONEY pay per year

12 month package save $329/Year

Try now before to late!

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