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Private English Teacher in Thailand

Do you want your Thai girlfriend to learn the essential in English language?
You paid for schools she never go to?
You want her to learn computer skills?
You want to make sure she really learn something?

Our teacher have lived abroad and have worked with many different western and Japanese companies. They have worked with computers and they are well aware of using the computer daily.

We will teach your Thai girlfriend the most important words in English and also a few things about western culture. We can off course teach her the things you think is most important and teach her about your country.

Please book a minimum of 2 hours, after payment you will be taken to the contact page.

If you do not have Pay Pal and want to have private in Bangkok please contact us
Per Hour Private Thai teacher Online

Save MONEY pay per year

12 month package save $329/Year

Try now before to late!

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