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Private Thai Teacher

Do you want to learn Thai in a fun way? I am cute educated normal Thai girl and I graduated with honors in business English.

I will teach you Thai while we explore Bangkok. We can go shopping, dinners or to other tourists sites and in the same time I will teach you useful Thai words and sentences. I can also teach you Thai culture and how to better understand Thai people.

You can pick the direction you want the teaching to go and we will adjust the level from your previous experience.

If you are coming to Thailand and want to learn some Thai or learn about Thai culture before you come, we can arrange that as well.

I teach on-line as well, we will use Skype, MSN or Yahoo for video and telephone chat.

Please book a minimum of 2 hours, after payment you will be taken to the contact page.

If you do not have Pay Pal and want to have private in Bangkok please contact us
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Per Hour Private Thai teacher Bangkok

Save MONEY pay per year

12 month package save $329/Year

Try now before to late!

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